a professional content company specializing

in the planning and developing of leading products

in the area of Asian medicine.


Our Team consists of experts from the fields of Korea medicine,

system engineering and graphic design.

Korean medical specialty company

Verde Root is

Rich content based on current and classical standards

“The Acupuncture of EXtra Point” is based on

‘The International Standard Acupuncture Points of WHO’ and ‘WHO’s International Standard.

Terminologies on Traditional Medicine in The Western Pacific Region,’ which are the internationally accepted standard of Acupuncture Points.

In addition, classical literature such as

'Huangdi Neijing - Lingshu’, ‘The acupuncture textbooks of the university of Korea Medicine’,

and the oldest Chinese traditional medicine books

‘Zhenjiujiayijing’, ‘Zhenjiudacheng’, ‘Heo Joon - Dongeuibogam’ and others were consulted.

High accuracy

We have improved the accuracy through the supervision

of professors and Korean medical doctors in Korea.


Lim Won-Seok      


Charge of Development

Kyoung Gyu-In     


Charge of Graphic Part

Kim   June-Hyun      


Doctor of Korean Medicine

Kim   Hyun-Wook  


Doctor of Korean Medicine

Lee   Bong-Hyo 



at Daegu Haany University

Robert  Otto Davis      


Assistant Professor

at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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