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Frequently Asked Questions...


“Once a purchase on an Android device, then do I need to purchase a new one to use it on an Apple device?”
If the operating system and market are different, you must purchase separately for each device. 
This is in accordance with the respective policies of Google, Apple, Windows, and Amazon each. 
However, if the operating system is the same, duplicate downloads are possible on other devices with the same operating system with the user's own ID.


“Other languages will supported?”

It is currently under progress, but the update have not been confirmed yet.


"It takes a long time to load and the app is running too slow."

Since the app contains a lot of content, it is recommended to use a device that has been recently released as much as possible for a portable device. 
For devices with lower than recommended performance, the app may be difficult to use.
- Android OS Device    Release Year  : 2016 or later  (Samsung Galaxy S7 or later )
                                     Operating System  : AOS 5 or higher  
                                      CPU : Qualcomm Krait 400 MP4 2.3 GHz
                                      Memory : RAM 4GB or more
- Apple OS Device        Release Year  : 2016 or later 
                                      iOS13 or later
                                      RAM 2GB or more
If a similar situation occurs with the latest model, please contact us by e-mail.


“Can I use the app as secondary works such as images, videos, clip and books?
Or can I quote it in a broadcast media such as YouTube without permission?”
All creations contained in Verderoot's App are protected by copyright and trademark rights. 
Any act such as unauthorized theft, duplication, processing, or sale is prohibited, and any act that is not agreed upon may be subject to litigation. 

For personal (non-commercial) use, you must first agree with Verderoot in detail. 

If you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need to contract with Verderoot in first.


“Do you not sell “printed products” such as acupuncture points poster?”
No. All printed products including acupuncture points posters are no longer produced.


“I want to refund the app.”
You can get a refund from the App Store (Market-Google, Apple, MicroSoft, Amazon etc) where you purchased it according to the rules and procedures. 
Request a refund for Apple device content (App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books)
  1. Go to  " ".

  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

  3. Tap or click 'Choose an issue'.

  4. Select 'Request Refund'. 

  5. Choose the reason you want a refund and select 'Next'. 

  6. Select your purchase and select 'Submit'. 

Request a refund for Android device content (Google Play store, )
  • If a friend or family member made a purchase by mistake using your account, request a refund on the Google Play website. 

  • If your card or other payment method shows Google Play purchases that you or someone you know didn't pay, report the unauthorized charge within 120 days of the transaction. 

  • If your refund request has been accepted, please check how long it will take for your refund.

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