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This App is recommended for smartphone models released after 2014.
If performance is less than recommended, it can be difficult to use the app.

Android OS Device

Release Year : after 2014 (Galaxy S4, LG G2 or higher )
OS : Android OS 4.4 or higher 
CPU : Qualcomm Krait 400 MP4 2.3 GHz
Memory : Minimum specification: 2 GB RAM

Apple OS Device

New iPad, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5 or later devices


“The Acupuncture Master Tung ” is...

                                                                                       was created by integrating the Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point  of Dr. Tung Ching-Chang and the 14 Main Acupuncture Point, and applying it to a 3D human body model, also is based on the                                                          .  It's an application that allows anyone interested in The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point to easily see more detailed information.

‘The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point’ App

“董氏針灸正經奇穴學 -1973-”

14 Main Acupuncture Point - 12 Main Acupuncture Point, Governor Vessel (GV) Acupuncture Point, Conception Vessel(CV) Acupuncture Point. - See 

The Meridian 3.0 


“The first and only in the world“

                                                                                               is the only product in the world that expresses the Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point on male and female 3D human models.

‘The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point’App

“Rich content and high accuracy”


                                                                                               is based on the                                                                   .

and is refers to the International Standard Acupuncture Points of WHO which is an internationally accepted as a standard of Acupuncture Points, WHO’s International Standard Terminologies on Traditional Medicine in The Western Pacific Region, the acupuncture textbooks of the university of Asian Medicine, and the oldest Chinese traditional book medicine 'Huangdi Neijing - Lingshu’.  It also refers to various books such as ‘The Tung Shi Zhen Jiu Zheng Jing Qi Xue  Xue (A Study of Master Tung`s Acupuncture / Moxibustion Regular Channel Extraordinary Points),  ‘Zhenjiujiayijing’, ‘Zhenjiudacheng’ and ‘Heo Joon - Dongeuibogam’. The “董氏針灸正經奇穴學 -1973-“ is translate to English by ourself and adapt it into The App

We have improved the accuracy through the supervision of professors and Korean medical doctors from Korea Medical University.

‘The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point’App

“董氏針灸正經奇穴學 -1973-”

"Accuracy, unique and convenience never before"


                                                                                                is easy to use because it displays The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point on a 3D human body model. As well, the Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point, the 14 Main Acupuncture Point, and the unique measurement system are displayed together with the accuracy, so you can easily compare. The 3D flow chart design makes it easy to see the effects of acupuncture. Its intuitive nature makes it easy to learn on the first use. The Acupuncture Points can be easily selected with the press of a button.

‘The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point’App

“Outstanding design”

In                                                                                                    the skin, muscles, bones, and internal organs of the 3D human model look realistic. The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point, The 14 Main Acupuncture Points, The Extra points, The measurements, The key anatomical region, and the standard lines are distinguished by rich color so they are very easy to see.

'The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point’, App


“Multinational availability”

The contents of 'The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point’ was created in                                                            together, which allows it to be used across the world! 

Korean, Chinese and English 

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