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This App is recommended for smartphone models released after 2014.
If performance is less than recommended, it can be difficult to use the app.

Android OS Device

Release Year : after 2014 (Galaxy S4, LG G2 or higher )
OS : Android OS 4.4 or higher 
CPU : Qualcomm Krait 400 MP4 2.3 GHz
Memory : Minimum specification: 2 GB RAM

Apple OS Device

New iPad, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5 or later devices


"The Combinations for Acupoint"  is....


It is a acupuncture point collection method that

has been handed down for a long time,

and it is a product that embodies a 3D screen

that summarizes the collection of specific

acupuncture points in a bundle for rapid application

in the treatment of specific diseases and syndromes

or for educational purposes.

"bundle" of commercial acupuncture points

corresponding to a specific disease.



"The Combinations for Acupoint" expresses

12Main acupuncture point,

Governor Vessel(GV) acupuncture point,

Conception Vessel(CV) acupuncture point and

Extra acupuncture points on realistically depicted skin and allows you to see the bundles of each acupuncture points in succession.


“Rich content and high accuracy”

"The Combinations for Acupoint" is based on WHO's 'International Standard Acupuncture Points', which was created by Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Asian-Medical-Doctors, and the original texts of the Asian medicine bible, “Huangdi Neijing - Lingshu” and “Zhenjiujiayijing’, ‘Zhenjiudacheng’”and “Heo Joon - Dongeuibogam”. It is based on “The Meridian 2.0”, which has been reliably refined through the review and supervision of Korean medicine professors and Doctors and Directors.

The names of each group were used as they are listed in “Huangdi Neijing - Lingshu” and “Zhenjiujiayijing’, ‘Zhenjiudacheng’”. It is widely used in clinical practice and is recognized as a proven treatment.


“Accuracy and convenience never before”

"The Combinations for Acupoint" was created by applying a full 3D human body model.

Since it has been supervised by numerous Korean medical doctors and Korean medical professors, you can get accurate, realistic and best support in the treatment of actual patients.


"The Combinations for Acupoint" was created by applying

an accurate 3D human body model.

It's all free.

There are no additional fees or in-app purchases.


“Easy to use”

You can see all groups of acupuncture points on their own, and everything is more intuitive, accurate and fun.


Enjoy "The Combinations for Acupoint" as if you are watching a movie.


1. 정혈, well point, 井穴

2. 형혈, Brook point, 滎穴

3. 수혈, Stream point, 輸穴

4. 경혈, River point, 經穴

5. 합혈, Sea point, 合穴

6. 목혈, Wood point, 木穴

7. 화혈, Fire point, 火穴

8. 토혈, Earth point, 土穴

9. 금혈, Metal point, 金穴

10. 수혈, Water point, 水穴

11. 원혈, Source point, 原穴

12. 락혈, Connecting point, 絡穴

13. 극혈, Cleft point, 郄穴

14. 기시혈,  Entry point, 起始穴

15. 종지혈,  Exit point, 終止穴    

16. 자경보혈, Tonification point, 自經補穴

17. 자경사혈, Sedation point, 自經瀉穴

18. 복모혈, Alarm point, 腹募穴

19. 배수혈, Transport point, 背俞穴

20. 이총혈, Two Command points, 二總穴

21. 사총혈, Four Command points, 四總穴

22. 육총혈, Six Command points, 六總穴

23. 육부하합혈, Lower sea points, 六腑下合穴 24. 팔회혈, Eight meeting points, 八會穴

25. 팔맥교회혈, Confluence points 八脈交會穴

26. 중풍칠처혈, Seven CVA points 中風七處穴

27. 각기팔처혈, Eight Beriberi points, 脚氣八處穴

28. 회양구침혈, Nine Recovery Yang points, 回陽九針穴

29. 십천혈, Windows of Heaven, 十天穴

30. 마단양천성십이혈, Ma Dan-Yang, 馬丹陽天星十二穴 31. 십삼귀혈, Thirteen Ghost point, 十三鬼穴

32. 삼부혈, Three Jiao problems, 三部穴

33. 삼재혈, Three Substances points, 三才穴

34. 사관혈, Siguan Points, 四關穴

35. 사해혈, Four Seas, 四海穴

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