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VERDE ROOT gives ...

Interactive UI 


With Multi-Touch gesture, finding Acu-points and meridians are more accurate and exciting.


UI is designed to be used intuitively and to assist users to understand easily.


Feel the real figure while you are controlling the 3D model of The Meridian, The Meridian Inside. You should definitely try!


Outstanding Design 


The Meridian, The Meridian Inside and Printed Matter use rich and sharp colors to easliy define meridians and Acu-points at a glance— also delicate representation of skin, clear distinction between organs and other features make these application easy and fun for the users.


Accuracy and Easiness 


The Meridian, The Meridian Inside and Printed Matters use a 3D human body model created and applied to Korean & Oriental Medicine for the first time in Oriental & Korean Medicine history.


Many Korean & Oriental medical doctors and professors work through the development for the accuracy and convenience, so they are designed to be very reader-friendly for anyone who wants to explain or study in Korean & Oriental medicine. 


High accuracy and rich contents


The Meridian, The Meridian Inside and Printed Matters are based on “ Standard Acupuncture Point Locations in the Western Pacific Region” made by Korean & Oriental medicine experts in South Korea, China and Japan from World Health Organization(WHO). We referred to Huangdi’s Internal Classic  Miraculous Pivot, Details of Meridians & Acupoints (Volume1,2) A Guidebook for College, Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine for accuracy and exactness.


Experience the 3D human figures specially designed for The Meridian, The Meridian Inside, Printed Matter and other great features, and you will see the whole new world!


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